Infant Care


Program Costs

Kittens (6 weeks -1 year)
$200 week
Butterflies (12 months -18 months)
$200 week
Ducks ( 1 year olds)
$195 week
Little Dolphins (2 year olds)
$195 week

Annual Registration Fees $250/yr Per Child

Our Program

Our infant program is designed to support their special needs. Each day is planned to meet the individual needs of each child. Our “Open Door” policy allows parents total access to their child. The infants are cared for in a team approach with parents and staff working together for the benefit of the individual child and his/her family. Our program recognizes the importance of the premise that “Parents are the child’s 1st teachers”. ECC practices the “Back to Sleep” program. Placing infants on their backs to sleep is the safest way for them to sleep until they are physically capable of rolling over themselves. Our school curriculum includes activities to meet each individual child’s needs. The children are slowly introduced to this as they begin to explore their world. The Learning Center approach to educating young children is introduced in the Little Dolphin room. Develop mentally appropriate activities are planned to encourage independence and self esteem.



Parents provide their child’s formula/milk or lunch which is refrigerated and heated up at the center. The center will provide nutritious snacks mid morning and mid afternoon. Accommodations for breast feeding are cheerfully provided.


Interested in a Tour?

We are proud to show off our accomplishments to anyone interested in our program. Tours are required prior to enrollment in our program and appointments are needed to ensure the availability of a qualified guide. For a tour contact the office at (941) 366-9522. Or email:

104 S. Pineapple Ave. Sarasota, FL 34236-5727 phone: 941-366-9522