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What is Financial Stewardship?

Stewardship is a lifestyle choice that recognizes that everything is a gift from God. Our responsibility as Christian stewards is to manage all the gifts that we have received from God – including our financial gifts. God is the true owner of all that we have in life.

Jesus consistently taught that our responsibility as his disciples is to recognize that God is the provider of all that we possess and that our call is to be generous givers of our financial resources. A Christian steward contributes his or her time, talents, prayers and financial resources with a willing and joyful spirit. Being a generous giver is a spiritual response to God’s goodness. We are in a life-long process as stewards of God’s possessions. Whole life stewardship is a life management style, it is a spiritual discipline; in other words, it is not man’s way of raising money but God’s way
of raising disciples.

When a body of believers lives out the Christ-centered ideal of generosity, the impact is undeniably positive. For when we are truly generous, we reflect the character of God “who gives generously and doesn’t hold back” (James 1:5). Becoming a generous person merely reflects the generosity of God’s blessing upon us.

Generosity is a habit, not a happenstance. A habit is a life practice. It’s something you have done so often that it becomes part of who you are. On the other hand, happenstance is random and unfixed. As followers of Christ, generosity should be so woven into our character that it shows like bright threads in the fabric of our daily lives.

Does the church only want my money?

No! We encourage every disciple of Jesus to find the place to serve that matches their spiritual gifts, talents and passion.   To find your place to serve, click here.


Luke 10:25-37

The parable of the Good Samaritan reminds us that we, as stewards of God’s world, are called to care for all creation, including our neighbors.  Good stewards recklessly give of themselves to their neighbor and in doing so model God’s love for all creation.