Ways That You Can Support Our Mission




First Church funds accepting of your financial gifts:

General Operating Fund

Provides funding for day-to-day operation of the church and it’s existing ministry work areas, support of our missions outreach and worship music programs.  Our members participate in an annual pledged giving campaign, making contributions throughout the year.


Ministries/Missions/Music Fund

Provides funding for new programs offering ministries, mission outreach or worship music as the needs are identified.


Build on This Rock Capital Fund

First Church has a long-term capital plan for it’s physical properties.  Phase I, completed in 2011, modernized our worship space, our entrances and provided our Prayer Memorial Garden.  The next phase looks forward to an enlarged Narthex area, and improved office and choir rehearsal space.  Copies of the master plan are available for review in the church office.


The Perpetual Foundation of The First United Methodist Church of Sarasota, Florida

The principal balance of the Foundation is allowed to grow over time.  The accumulated earnings of the fund are used to supplement the General Operating Fund.


Luke 21:1-4   Mark 12:41-44

Jesus commends the widow for giving all that she had to live on.  As stewards we are called to give our whole life….time, talent, treasure and witness….to God.  We are called to create sustainable systems of giving so those that have can joyfully provide for those less fortunate.  Stewardship is for everyone….those that have and those that do not.